Ten Ways Technology Changed Teaching?

1. No blackboards 

The old blackboards at our school were green. Try explaining that to an ESL student.

2. No more hand-written lesson plans

Dream on – forget about “the system is down.” What about power outages? The real question is why don’t I backup my plans? oops

3. Students will cheat more

Oh please. Kids will try to cheat even if you give them the answer sheet.

4. Jobs

Hmmmmm……it’s definitely helping me keep mine.

5. Google

 I’m in love with Google Communities and Google Drive.  It’s like being stalked, but you never have to save your work.

6. We are never away from our jobs

 Last week I went to the public library. A student rushed up to say hi because a friend texted her that she saw me. Okaaaaaay.

7. Bathroom Breaks

 Remember when they were about going to the bathroom? Now they’re about texting your friends and meeting them in the bathroom to gel your hair. I think the school should take out the stalls and just leave the wifi and mirrors.

8. Green

For real, there is no way to deny that we’re using less paper.

9. But the electric bill is higher.

10. Blogs

 Without technology, the word blogs wouldn’t exist and you wouldn’t be reading this. Thank God for technology.

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The things that are important to me are family, friends, teaching, writing, languages and using my sense of humor to navigate this crazy world. Please join me on this blogging adventure...
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3 Responses to Ten Ways Technology Changed Teaching?

  1. jan says:

    Actually using more paper!


    • We definitely are not. I haven’t used the copy machine in over a year. We use Google Drive for everything, gmail for emails, etc. We are very lucky in our district because we have a lot of chrome books, two mac labs, lots of desktops. And the kids that have google on their phones can use those in class (as long as they are using it for work). Plus I do almost all of my lessons on Google Communities.


  2. Amanda T. says:

    #6 It’s like you’re a celebrity. I used to stalk my English teacher. #reallynotreally It means you’re amazing!


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