American Football, the Common Core and the Canadians.

Why do we call our football “football” when we hardly ever use our feet? I’ve never understood that. It should be called throwball, runball, touchdownball or something like that. So when a student asks me why we call American Football “football,” I respond with the #2 old standby “I don’t know.”

Thank God for the Canadians. They have Canadian Football, which makes having American Football not sound so silly. We have different rules, but at least there are two of us saying it wrong. I wonder what Canadians call soccer? Do they play soccer?

Anyone who is not interested in soccer raise your hand.  ME!!  It may be because I have had 80 kazillion billion students who only write and talk about fútbol (aka soccer).  Although it was hard not to be engrossed with this year’s World Cup.

Now if we had an American Football World Cup, we would play against all the other countries in the world. I wonder who we’d play against? It’s a Common Core Math problem.

If you were to read a paper anywhere in the galaxy and find scores for the American Football World Cup, where would you be at 5pm GMT and where would the train arrive?


Now show your work. What cognitive pathway did you travel to reach this answer?

Acceptable response – Two roads diverged. That’s a 4.

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24 Responses to American Football, the Common Core and the Canadians.

  1. Jo Harvey says:

    Canadians do play soccer and call it as such, but I must confess that watching 4 year olds participating in it is truly the best way to watch it! 😉


  2. Barb Knowles says:

    Reblogged this on saneteachers and commented:

    It’s been a while, I have many more followers, and I want to prove to Paul @ that I know the word Canadians cookbook I’m reblogging…..


  3. Paul says:

    I had a really smart comment lined up and then you through a math problem my way and I blanked. Hold on.

    I’m not sure why Football is called Football. I think it might have to do with rugby?

    We call it Canadian Football just to differentiate it from you guys calling it American Football. You started it! Actually, we probably did. Our league is older, I think.

    We call soccer, soccer. But the die hards call it football which drives me nuts. They just think were in Italy or England and have a pro team. Our soccer team in Toronto has been horrendous all 10 years its been here and people still support them and call it “footy”. Save me, I hate soccer.

    Little known fact, more kids in Canada play soccer than hockey.

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  4. abyssbrain says:

    It’s so weird that Americans called it soccer… it sounds like sucker. Maybe that’s why they suck at “soccer”…

    Here’s another problem

    If a cow costing $95 gives 20 quarts of milk a day, how high can a grasshopper jump without getting out of breath?

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  5. I think it has something to do that in the early days of football, kicking the ball through the uprights ie (field goal) was worth more points then a touchdown.

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