61 is the new 9.

Top 5 Days Ever

In no particular order

1. The day my husband and I got married.

2. The day all my children and grandchildren were born. Notice how I lumped them all together so it only takes up one space? I got skills.

3. The day my son graduated from college.

4. The day I was invited to be a guest on the radio show Kichwa Hatari.

5. Yesterday….the best day ever with my grandson.

#5 needs some explanation. My grandson used to be obsessed with being a policeman. Like for 2 years that’s all he talked about and all he wanted to do. Lego police station and police cars went under the overall umbrella of “policeman.” But no more. Now he wants to be a Sheriff in the Old West. Sounds kind of like a lateral move to me, but I think the different hat and the holsters were the main draw for him. And handcuffs are handcuffs no matter which era.

Needless to say (why do people say that when obviously they have a need to say?), I drew the short straw in the Sheriff/Bandit game yesterday. So there I was with my orange plastic gun, hiding from the Sheriff in the bathtub. And then behind the dresser. And then under the table. And then under the comforters. And then behind the door. And then, and then, and then…..and then a huge tug of war between the Sheriff and the Bandit (aka ME) with the comforters. We were laughing uproariously and running around like crazy. He looked at me as we caught our breath, and said “This is the best day I’ve ever, ever had with you.”

61 is the new 9.

About Barb Knowles

The things that are important to me are family, friends, teaching, writing, languages and using my sense of humor to navigate this crazy world. Please join me on this blogging adventure...
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1 Response to 61 is the new 9.

  1. Amanda T. says:

    Precious memories!


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