Because I Said So

Ok, ok….I admit it. My default answer is the #1 old standby, “Because I said so.” Why, you ask? Because I said so. If that isn’t enough to make me rethink a lesson, just listen to this. For native Spanish-speakers (let’s clarify…Spanish-speaking TEENAGERS), it sounds like I’m saying “Because I sexo.”  Needless to say (there I go again…obviously I need to say this), not only do I feel like an idiot for not coming up with a better response, but I feel like a double-idiot because my whole class is now laughing at me.

Hellooo fellow teachers and people-following-my-blog. Do you ever say this (not sexo…the “said so” version)? Do you feel authoritative and decisive? Or do you feel like a moron like I do? Somehow I don’t think “because I said so” carries weight with the Common Core.

Then one day it all blew up in my face.  An obvious rule in our school is that you can’t walk out and leave your class alone. One day I had a SUPER BATHROOM EMERGENCY that couldn’t wait another 40 minutes. The bathroom was next door to my classroom. I told my class that they must stay at their desks and not move until I come back in 2 minutes. Why, they asked? Because I said so. But why?  BECAUSE I SAID SO. I rushed to the bathroom. As I was…using the facilities…the fire alarm sounded. I am not kidding. As fast as I could I finished and flew out of the bathroom. The school had almost completely evacuated, but there was my class still sitting at their desks. I screamed WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!! The reply? “Because you said so.”

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