Cellphones and white rice

A few years ago my son dropped his cellphone in the thank-God-it-was-clean toilet. He rushed out and asked me for a bowl of uncooked white rice. I thought he had gone insane. I just blinked at him. He said something like “Mom! A bowl of white rice that hasn’t been cooked!” Maybe he was drunk. Now it was his turn to look at me like I had early onset dementia. “Mom! To absorb the water??!!” And then I understood.

As I was going to get the bowl of rice, I thought what a strange request. But I humored him. I didn’t say what I was thinking. This will never work and you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. And who would have guessed? It worked. The water was absorbed; the phone worked fine.

Which got me thinking about white rice. Think of “white rice” as a noun, as opposed to a noun and an adjective.  My husband likes white rice. What does he like? White rice. Noun. He’s a white rice kind of guy. What kind of guy is he? A white rice kind of guy. Adjective. Define “white rice kind of guy.” 1. A guy who likes bland food.  2. Not a bland guy.

Non-grammar uses for white rice? Food. Yes.  Personality description? Yes. Technology Revolution Repair Device? Yes. Huh?

Yes. Yes it is.

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The things that are important to me are family, friends, teaching, writing, languages and using my sense of humor to navigate this crazy world. Please join me on this blogging adventure...
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8 Responses to Cellphones and white rice

  1. My friend had hers fall into a toilet at a bar once.. She did grab it out. As she was taking out the battery and trying to dry the phone as good as she could random guy sees the wet phone and desides he was going to help. He grabs the phone and proceeds to put his mouth on it and blow out the opening (i.e. Charger port). We didn’t have the heart to tell him it was just in potty water.


    • Janice Wald says:

      Hi Same thing happened with my youngest daughter. Someone also suggested white rice; I also thought she was nuts. The white Rice did not work. From teacher to teacher–welcome; thank you so much for following my blog. Janice

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  2. Jason Preater says:

    The white rice worked though, didn’t it?

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  3. josephf14 says:

    Thanks for signing up to follow my blog. Since you’re also a person who appreciates humor i hope my future blogs will leave you with a smile, a chuckle or better yet a laugh. Laugh with joe.

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  4. This is useful information. I probably shouldn’t bring my phone with me into the bathroom, though. I once dropped a paperback book I’d been reading in the toilet–so much for trading it in at a used bookstore afterwards. I’m more of a brown rice kind of guy myself (although, since I live in Korea, I eat a lot of white rice, too. My wife, thankfully, usually prepares brown rice at home). Another delightful post!

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