Before my neck fell…..

There are powerful moments in our lives that provide a measurement.  A before and after.  A moment so fraught with emotion that we use it as a barometer to rate other moments, as well as a place in time by which we date other events.

Some examples from my age group.

1.  No, we went on that vacation before Randy went to Vietnam.  Moment frozen in time.

2.  When President Kennedy was assassinated, I was home from school with a stomach ache and was wearing a white nightgown with little flowers and watching the news with my mom.  Moment frozen in time.

3.  “Wasn’t that Broadway show amazing?”  Are you kidding?  I watched men walk on the moon.  Top that.  Moment frozen in time.

4.  When I looked in the mirror and really, really saw myself and called AA.  Moment frozen in time.

And then one day, my friend and I took a selfie.  She’s younger than I am, so she held the camera more or less directly in front of us.  And I discovered another moment that will be frozen in time.  A horrible, terrible realization that my life would never be the same again.  That I would never take a selfie again without the camera being suspended from the ceiling.

The day my neck fell.

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13 Responses to Before my neck fell…..

  1. Annie Emmy Evans says:

    And… this is precisely the reason I NEVER take selfies.

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  2. George says:

    Let’s chalk that one up to modern technology…:) But you’re right, moments in time.

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  3. Glazed says:

    Gravity. It’s so merciless, isn’t it?

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  4. Two words. Selfie stick.

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  5. Hope Floats says:

    I measured my approach to 40 and the steady decline after 40 by how many inches CLOSER to the ground my ass is. I call it “The Perk-O-meter”. Thank goodness I am small chested or it might be a race to the ground between my derriere and my bust line…’)

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