The Sit-Down Restaurant Routine

Mere words can’t express how hard I was laughing as I read this post! Oh man. Enjoy!

The Captain's Speech

I’m starving, let me go to a sit-down restaurant where I have to wait twenty more minutes before I can silence my stomach. Where is the logic in that?

This is the general process at a sit-down restaurant.

1. You enter the restaurant.

2. You are seated.

3. Waiter tells you their name, hands out menus, and asks what you want to drink.

4. Your drinks arrive at the table and everyone takes a sip like they’ve been in a desert for three weeks.

5. The waiter asks you and the people you are with if you need more time with the menu.

6. You all look at each other with a look on your respective faces.

7. It’s a look that says: I need more time but I don’t know if you need more time. If you don’t need more time, and no one else needs more time, I don’t…

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