Assessments are Stupid

This post wasn’t written very long ago, but we’ve just finished week one of the absolutely insane NYSESLAT State exam for esl kids. I’m totally wiped out so imagine how they feel. Which brings me to why I think…


There. I’ve said it. I’ve always thought it, but now I’ve said it. File this under posts-I-hope-my-supervisor-doesn’t-see. And because I think that assessments are stupid, I don’t give tests very often. Now it’s time to post my grades.  Oops. It doesn’t meant that I don’t give tests, but I try to give other forms of assessments. I LOVE Google Communities. They’re like academic Facebook. If a student posts, that’s an assessment to me.

However, there is no category in our gradebook for “Google Community Posts and Comments.”  There is no category for the fact that the notification on my phone went off around midnight last night because a student who lives alone and has to work 2 jobs to support himself read and commented on a post because he was interested enough, and was on his phone, at midnight. His comment was awesome. The English needed some work, but it…

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2 Responses to Assessments are Stupid

  1. Not being a teacher, I don’t equate assessments with written tests. I believe people need to be assessed but one size fits all assessment tools are an unrefined methodology which can be very misleading.

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