American Football, the Common Core and the Canadians.

It’s been a while, I have many more followers, and I want to prove to Paul @ that I know the word Canadians, that I’m reblogging…..


Why do we call our football “football” when we hardly ever use our feet? I’ve never understood that. It should be called throwball, runball, touchdownball or something like that. So when a student asks me why we call American Football “football,” I respond with the #2 old standby “I don’t know.”

Thank God for the Canadians. They have Canadian Football, which makes having American Football not sound so silly. We have different rules, but at least there are two of us saying it wrong. I wonder what Canadians call soccer? Do they play soccer?

Anyone who is not interested in soccer raise your hand.  ME!!  It may be because I have had 80 kazillion billion students who only write and talk about fútbol (aka soccer).  Although it was hard not to be engrossed with this year’s World Cup.

Now if we had an American Football World Cup, we would play…

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3 Responses to American Football, the Common Core and the Canadians.

  1. We call soccer soccer and we don’t like it much here. I think it popular for children to play because parents like that it is non conact.Hockey is king here. Our football is similar enough to yours that players from each league play in the other.


    • Barb Knowles says:

      Isn’t your football field shorter or longer? I’m a huge football fan here, but only watch soccer during the World Cup. Although since almost all of my students are from Latin America, I watch some of the games that they pressure me into…

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