Awesome Stories 219

I’m a sports fan, a hope fan, a teenager fan. This video brought tears to my eyes and swelled my heart. Small things, great kids, life-changing moments.

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This week Awesome Stories brings good sportsmanship, student support, simplicity, safer biking and jumping for joy!

Good Sportsmanship

I love this video and message. Two high school basketball players for the opposing team decided to do something about the Gainesville, TX, Tornadoes lack of fan base. How and what they did will touch your heart. I know I love receiving support and encouragement. Wouldn’t it be great if we did this for each other in all areas of life? Go Team Go!   🙂

Volvo Lifepaint

This is an excellent idea. I would definitely use this paint. Volvo has helped market a special paint that is invisible by day and reflective by night. You can spray it on your bike, clothes and accessories to ensure you’re visible to drivers and pedestrians at night by reflecting light back towards its source like reflective safety tape. Currently, it’s being promoted in the UK…

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  1. George says:

    Great sportsmanship story. Kids really surprise you sometimes.

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