LEGO 101

I started writing “LEGOS 101” but that sounded like a country, so LEGO 101 it is. Do you know how much money I’ve spent on LEGOS?  Let me give you a teensy hint.  I’m a LEGO VIP and they recognize me when I walk into the LEGO store at our local mall.

Pirate ship legoIn our living room we have a Chippendale drop leaf dining room table, a side table (but probably originally used as a dining table…aside: Man, were people a lot smaller then) that dates to 1780 (and George Washington supposedly sat there which made him either tiny or uncomfortable) and, most importantly, a rectangular folding table from Home Depot or somewhere, that is the LEGO TABLE.  Yes.  Amid all of these wonderful antiques sits our 5′ X 1&1/2′ cheaper than laminated table.  Whose sole purpose is to provide the space needed to create and display LEGO sets built by Grandson #2.

kwik mart legoWe now have 3 of the too expensive  larger ones here; the Simpson Kwik-Mart was finished today.  And not by me.

Now that the introduction is over with, and you have a sense of the importance that LEGOS have in our family, it is time for….

LEGO 101

1.  Start small, in case the little one/adult running around your house doesn’t like them, but

2.  have a lot of money stashed away somewhere if they do like them.

3.  Know your limitations.  Grandson #2, who is the LEGO savant, has called me “clumsy” and has forbidden me to touch his LEGOS.  I’m still allowed to buy them because I’m not clumsy with my wallet.

4.  When dusting, don’t almost knock over MetalBeard’s Sea Cow pirate ship.  I’d rather be in trouble at work than have to face Grandson #2 if I destroyed that one.



5.  When helping a younger person, like a 3 year old, be prepared to sit for hours building things for him/her to take apart and then cry.

Julian lego


Now this size LEGO I can handle.  You’re supposed to be clumsy with this size.  And, today, I only had to spend about 2 hours on the floor playing LEGOS.  “Nooo, sid DOW agai! Play LEGO wid me.”  *sigh*  *look at clock* *take extra-strength tylenol for back pain (I really did that)*  *smile*

The best thing about LEGOS ?

You just have to be there.

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23 Responses to LEGO 101

  1. George says:

    You’re absolutely right…you just have to be there.

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  2. Paul says:

    Hahaha great video. I like how the kid behind him covered his ears.

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  3. grammyg53 says:

    What wonderful memories you have put into my head tonight… thank you, I think. The sitting on the floor and just being there is heavenly. Kinda sorta. When our younger son (he’s 10 years behind our first son and 7 1/2 years behind our daughter… OOPS!) was 5, we sat on the floor (cross-legged) of his bedroom for over 3 hours. Can you sense where this is going? When they heard my knee pop out in the living room, well we knew there was trouble. This was 25 years ago this August and I no longer sit on the floor cross-legged when I play with Legos. Yup. Surgery from playing with Legos while sitting on the floor cross-legged for over 3 hours. I tell people it came from an old football injury. HAHAHAHA!!!

    So you’re bringing the adorables to visit us here in Florida and staying in the Lego Hotel at Legoland, I hear? Paul told me you were coming. He’s ordered pizza. LOTS of pizza. Pizza that will be cooked in a Lego oven.

    And I don’t even drink… lol

    But thank you for the wonderful reminder of all that is holy and important in life. The love of a grandmother for her grandkidlings. Bless you!

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  4. Stepping on Legos in bare or sock feet is worse than being waterboarded.

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  5. We have a Lego table too! And its contents are not allowed to be touched by just anybody…. The master builder, my little brother, has a lot of sets put together into one big “city”. For a while, it was called Rio de Jainero, now it’s New York. Who knows what’s next?
    Thanks for your post. It was good to hear about your experiences with Legos. 🙂

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  6. hahaha!!! great . beautiful way of posting ur experiences 😀

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  7. Lego VIP! That’s an awesome one. We are still on duplos and counting. Keep the kids busy if they decide not to throw them around. I suppose Legos will come soon enough. Sometimes I want to bin those duplos – especially after stepping on them…but didn’t hv the heart to as we paid for them! :p

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Yes, and Duplos are from Lego, too. There really is a LEGO VIP thing. You get a discount depending on how much money you’ve spent in the past. And when my kids were little I used to hide them and bring them out on a rainy day.


  8. Carrie Rubin says:

    This is so funny. I love #3. It’s really great he still lets you buy them. 😉

    I remember the Lego days well. In fact, I remember stepping on them bare foot as I stumbled around in the morning. That always felt good…

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  9. So funny and so true. My male grandkids all get the boxed sets to build, but then take them apart and make up their own spaceships, robots etc. Actually their own creations are more impressive than the ones they use instructions for. Yes. Have money, will LEGO!

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  10. Garfield Hug says:

    Nice lego art pieces 🙂

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