Encouraging Thunder Award

Encouraging Thunder Award logoI would like to thank Chris White at the 1951 Club for nominating me for this award! I have recently discovered Chris’ wonderful blog.  I realized that the 1951 Club blog is a “keeper” because as I read his blog, I keep saying “Oh wow!” Any moment in time is interesting, and Chris has chosen to focus on any tidbit that concerns the year 1951.  What a unique idea.  Go visit!

The rules for bloggers who receive this award

What you can do with the award.

Post it on your blog
Grant other bloggers with the award

What you can’t do with the award.

Abuse or misuse the logo
Claim that it’s your own handmade logo

What you should do after receiving award:

Enjoy the award
At least give thanks via comments and likes and/or mentioning the blog who gave the award.

(Please don’t feel obliged to either accept the award or nominate other blogs.)

Mention your purpose in blogging.

The reason that I blog is easy.  BECAUSE I WANT TO.  Seriously, I just enjoy blogging.  I like to write short humorous posts.  And, of course, some posts that are also quite serious.  Originally, I intended this blog to be about all the crazy things that happen when you are teaching, that you are absolutely unprepared for.  But I quickly realized that I was writing about whatever interests me.

I would like to nominate, and hope that you check out, the following blogs.  They are worth your time!

John Callaghan at Get Off My Lawn

Writer in Soul

Sangria Stained Lips

Bookshelf Battle

I hope that you all enjoy this….

About Barb Knowles

The things that are important to me are family, friends, teaching, writing, languages and using my sense of humor to navigate this crazy world. Please join me on this blogging adventure...
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17 Responses to Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. any1mark66 says:

    Congrats on award.

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  2. Congratulations Barb and thank you.

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  3. Paul says:

    Your reason for blogging is basically the same thing that happened to me. Started as one thing, turned into something else.

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  4. Thank you so much! This means the world to me!

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  5. My acceptance speech:

    Thank you thank you all for this prestigious award. I’d like to thank God for intervening on my behalf, all the little people who made this possible and last but not least, I need to thank myself because I couldn’t have done it without me.

    In conclusion…FREE TIBET!

    :::drops mic:::

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  6. Chris White says:

    Hi Barb. Well done. Thank you for your kind words. Kris.

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  7. Congrats, congrats, Barb! You have been the encouraging thunder, indeed! 🙂

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  8. writerinsoul says:

    Thanks for thinking of me. –Colette

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