From sterilizing to licking off the subway floor


My favorite blogger, next to me of course, is Blunderdad (singlefamilyasylum).  Who, by the way, better give me major props for promoting him here.  Anywho, I read a recent post from him about parenting his kids….well you should read if for yourselves.  It got me thinking about my own kids and if I was more uptight raising my first than the next ones.

Here’s the thing.  When my first daughter was born, if her pacifier fell on the clean floor I would sterilize it.  I would think to myself that the diapers (cloth, of course, because they were “better” for her than the disposables…except she got a rash so there went that idea) were difficult to deal with, but sterilizing pacifiers all day was a pain in the neck.  But what a good mother I was.

By the time my second daughter came around, pacifiers were sterilized….occasionally.  I only…

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4 Responses to From sterilizing to licking off the subway floor

  1. Ewwww. And, what a good mother you were.

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  2. Blunderdad says:

    Thanks Barb! So glad a few people like my goofiness.

    Our poor second child was the victim of all-too-relaxed-from-having-survived-our-first-child parents as well.

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