The paradox of autocorrect. SO much easier when texting. SO much more annoying when texting. Enraging, enraging, enraging.  Easier, easier, easier. Funnier, funnier, funnier.

What do you think? In which category/categories of autocorrect/predicted text reactions (hi to my European friends) do you usually fall? I’m really thinking about this. Funnier and easier would have probably tied, with enraged a little less, at the beginning of my texting life. Now it’s less funny and more enraging. My spelling is good. Which is a good trait when one is an English teacher. So when my partly human device changes what I’m writing, it’s really annoying. And I text REALLY fast. Therefore, I often don’t see the little change thingy that comes up and text past it. And unless I edit the way I would a blog or essay (which defeats the ease of texting), I hit send and then realize with horror/humor/embarrassment…

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6 Responses to Autocorrectisms

  1. Chris White says:

    Now don’t get me started. I hate these useless devices.😈 But I don’t hate you I hasten to add. Kris

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  2. Susan Helmus says:

    SO true! Once we were texting someone back declining an invitation. Her name was Deanna. The text was supposed to read “Thanks for the invite Deanna”. It autocorrected to “Thanks for the invite drama.” As you can imagine that autocorrect caused some drama itself!

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