Music or Books

Music or books.  Take your pick.  You have to choose.  Which would you give up?

I don’t know about your family, but in mine we often had that discussion. Which is a little silly since we never had to make that decision.  But what if we had to?

When I was a little girl, and probably sticking my tongue out at my older brothers, I remember saying that I would read music books.  So there.

music book

And while I had the ability to read music, the allure would quickly fade and my love for Island of the Blue Dolphins

the island of the blue dolphinsand A Wrinkle in Time would overpower the music .A wrinkle in timebooks.

Hmmmm…….but, on the other hand, could I live without music?  Never.  I am one of the truly mediocre musicians, having the ability to play the piano, guitar and viola in a completely uninspired way.  But, man, can I enjoy listening for hours.  Almost any music genre is glorious for me. Except one.  Modern country music.  Now turn of the 20th century country music, which is really ballads handed down across the decades and across the pond, are lovely.  Just not modern country pop style music.  For me.  Obviously, those artists have a huge following.

But for me, what would life be without Eric Clapton?  Or life without the Who?????  I can’t even contemplate that.  A life without a symphony?  Without opera?  Unthinkable.

As reading is escapism and adventure, music brings joy and solace.  Music brings the desire to float, to dance, to laugh, to weep.  In a way that reading does not, music touches my very soul.  I sense what my ancestors felt and responded to over the centuries.  I feel a part of something more; a raison d’etre.

Music and books.  I would give up neither.  I would choose both.


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28 Responses to Music or Books

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    Books. Because you can always tell stories. They don’t need to be written down. No music would absolutely be devastating for me.

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  2. Paul says:

    I’d give up books. I can recite song lyrics in my head and find meaning from them. I can’t recite sentences from books in my head.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Hmmmm. But I can sing songs in my head and listen to orchestras and saxophones..Maybe if I was stranded on a desert island without books or music I’d be okay. But with my luck I’d have a stupid song I don’t like playing over and over in my head.

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  3. I couldn’t give up either, that would be torture.

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  4. What wretched soul would ever ask us to make this choice? Whoever he may be, I say we eliminate him instead. I choose both, too.

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  5. Argh, this is an awful choice! I guess music? But I would be SO sad.

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  6. I haven’t played a piano for over two years now, and listening to the radio is rare apart from the news. We have a collection of CDs which haven’t been touched since we moved on to the boat, and I’ve read about 4 books since we’ve been here. If I had to choose though, I’d cheat and have audio books and headphones!

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  7. Bea dM says:

    I refuse to choose & thank the Universe I don’t have to! I’m definitely much more of a bookworm, but a summer outdoor concert or opera are soul-lifting or just pure fun, depending on the genre. Indoor music in winter warms the heart. But I don’t multitask – if I listen to music, that’s what I do, and actually hate background or piped music in stores and restaurants.

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  8. You have to realize that in the beginning of history there were people who roamed the land and told the tales all to music. I would give up books if needed, but never music. I hope to never have to give up books because that would be like giving up dreams and possibilities.

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  9. Anna says:

    Is there really a difference between books and music? I think they come from the same source. Words has rythms and music has language. Without each other they’re nothing. We need both 🙂

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  10. George says:

    Unfair question. Now I’m stressed thinking about it…:)

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      • George says:

        So after stressing about it, this is what I think…:) if I were stranded on an island I would need books, for all the obvious reasons. But if you asked me to give up one today, it would probably be books. I can get my fix with books by writing stories or movies or verbal stories from others, but I can’t create music, not the kind that’s timeless, personal and inspirational. So that’s my humble opinion. Now I’m stress free…:)

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      • Barb Knowles says:

        I’m glad you were interested enough in this article to give it a lot of thought. Although I didn’t mean to stress anyone out! For me, the stress would be enormous if I had to give either one up. I think that for me, with music, I can always have songs or instrumental pieces in my head. Many of them I know note for note and word for word. Kind of like the main character in the Shawshank Redemption. But books are always new stories and adventures. But I could as easily argue the other way. *sigh*
        Your points are valid and I really appreciate your comments.


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