Jeans, Genes and DNA

I know that it is possible for earth-shattering, time-shifting, future-altering inventions and technology to become part of our DNA.  We can go way back to the importance of fire to understand this.

fire 2#tbtowaybackintheday

All you have to do is ask anyone who spends any time with a child.

Person 1:  “You can’t believe how great he is with his iPad! It’s in his genes.”

Person 2:  “Well my 2 year old daughter can do anything with my phone. It’s in her genes!”

baby-using-iphone  I know very little about genetics.  But I do know that we aren’t going to have another generation that no longer knows how to use smart technology.  It is now part of the DNA of this young generation.  For the same reason as fire is?  For survival?  I have no idea.

But what I do know, is that since the beginning of women wearing jeans, women usually buy jeans a size too small.  For real.  It’s in our genes.  Here’s a conversation that took place in my house about 6 months ago.

Grandson:  Why are you lying on the bed like that?

Me:  I’m zippering up my jeans.

Grandson:  Why don’t you do that standing up?

Me:  Because I can’t get the zipper up on my jeans if I’m standing up.

Grandson:  Then why do you wear them?

Me:  Don’t you have technology to go play with?

When did our DNA change so that we buy jeans we’re forced to zip lying down on a bed?   Many women think that they look great with jeans that are tight fitting.

jean zipper

Until a meal.

And then a car ride.

And trying to drive while undoing the button at the top of the jeans.

I tried to find a photo of a woman struggling with her jeans zipper, but the only photos I could find were of models, or women who looked like models. Because believe me, I wasn’t going to put a photo of me on this post.  And, as a caveat to my thesis, I’m leaving out the women who wear a size zero.  But I certainly lay down on the bed to zipper my size 5 jeans.  And it has been decades since I’ve worn size 5 jeans.

All you have to do is say in a room full of women “I had so much trouble zipping up these jeans today” and you’ll have 100% consensus on the zip-them-up-lying-on-the-bed fact.

Here’s the big question… men do that too?  Like a secret dressing ritual? If so, I haven’t seen it.  But I know why women wear jeans a size too small and zipper them up lying on the bed.

It’s in our genes.


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29 Responses to Jeans, Genes and DNA

  1. George says:

    No guy I know lays on the bed. And that’s in our genes..:)

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  2. Glazed says:

    I see lots of women wearing form-fitting jeans, so you that the cloth of their jeans seems to act like an extra layer of skin for the form of their legs. But men usually wear comfortable, loose-fitting jeans. You can’t tell the shape of a man’s legs unless he wears shorts. As for me, that’s the kind of jeans I wear. And I’ve never had to lay on the bed to zip them up.

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  3. I wear my pants a size too big so I don’t get cramped or squished. When I see men wear skinny jeans it gives me the willies. I live in Alberta and we have a lot of cowboys here and they wear super tight Wrangler jeans. And pointy boots. This kind of baffles my because on the one hand they claim to be hyper-masculine and yet the adorn the garb of the feminine.

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  4. Paul says:

    I read this one! Thought I liked it AND commented on it. Guess not.
    When I was a kid I used to lie on my bed to put my pants on but that’s just so I didn’t fall down.

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  5. Food for thought ! Nice read. I always have tried the jump jump jump technique to get into my jeans ! #Womenwillbewome.

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  6. Bumba says:

    I confess to not being ready for that punchline.

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  7. I have just written a blog on the science side of genes and will be doing a small post daily for the next week you should check it out.

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  8. Barb Knowles says:

    Reblogged this on saneteachers and commented:

    Thought I’d share this older post of mine with you. More DNA hits came in for me today and it made me think of this post. I’m trying not to ask my just-found 4th cousins if…..well you have to read it.


  9. Carrie Rubin says:

    Hehe, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to wear jeans that were too tight on me. I’d feel too self-conscious. But length-wise? Now that’s a different story. With my height of almost 5’8″, regular inseam jeans are usually too short, and the pants for tall women are usually too long. Plus, those tall pants hang in the crotch. So most of my pants are too short. Needless to say I wear calf-length boots in the winter and ballet flats with capri pants in the summer. 🙂

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  10. I rarely wear jeans, but when I do, they are typically loose. I don’t like tight jeans. So no, have never done the zipping them while lying down thing.

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  11. Ann Coleman says:

    It’s definitely in the genes! And the jeans.


  12. Sheila Moss says:

    I am just happy that I don’t have to wear mom jeans anymore since losing weight. I don’t know what the “in” brand of jeans is now, but the Levi’s I bought now have a bit of stretch built in.


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