All Bets Are Off

Probably the sentence I hate to say the most is “You were right.”  There.  I said it.bitmoji-20160124204701

The other day, Berthold Gambrel of A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight, wrote a post with his predictions for the conference championships being played today (American football).  I took great exception to his foolish idea that the Broncos would beat the Patriots. And I readily accepted a friendly wager that stipulated that whichever one of us “lost,” would feature the other’s blog.  AND THE PATRIOTS LOST!

The annoying thing about this, was that not only did they lose, but they lost for the reasons that Berthold thought they would.  Which is why I have to say “you were right” twice.  But the wonderful thing is that in a totally gracious move, my blog was quickly given a shout-out on his site with the post Saneteachers and Regional Accents.

On the blog A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight, you can read about politics, sports (I’m sure he’s not always right), movies, books, humor and other topics.  I think why I like this blog so much is that there are similarities in how we write and how we look at things.  So if you like saneteachers, you’ll love his blog.

Here’s a perfect example.  My favorite post on his site is Why would there be giant spikes on semi-truck wheels? You can’t tell me that you’ve ever been asked that question before. But, why would there be giant spikes on semi-truck wheels? Of course, I had to click on the post and read it.  Right up my alley.  I won’t give away the answer because you should click on the title and find out for yourself.

the start of the majestic world

The Start of the Majestic World is a novella written by Berthold Gambrel and is available for the Kindle on Amazon.  Why did I purchase this book? Because I was intrigued by…..this.

“Agents Maynard and Brett are no strangers to complex mysteries and morally grey assignments. When they are sent in pursuit of a mysterious rabble-rousing radio personality, however, they stumble upon a web of conspiracy and betrayal beyond anything they could have imagined. As events lead them from the brooding hills of Appalachia to the remotest wastes of Siberia to the deserts of the American southwest, they discover unlikely allies and twisted madmen, scientists bent on playing God, and mounting evidence hinting at sinister machinations that threaten the entire nation. With each thrilling episode, the ever-escalating power and scope of the danger they face forces them to call upon all their skills and experience to survive.”

I’m very happy to have found this author, and this website.  I know that you will be, too.  I am sorry that the Patriots lost.  They had a superb season.  Now, we wait for the Super Bowl.  Who will win? The AFC or NFC?

All bets are off.

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19 Responses to All Bets Are Off

  1. Thank you so much for getting “The Start of the Majestic World”. I really hope you enjoy it! I’m really glad you commented on my post about the playoff games, because it led me to your wonderful blog.

    As for the Super Bowl, well… It’s going to be interesting. I’m sure I’ll have a post about it coming up.

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  2. Well the patriots lost, but the Broncos will probably be horse-meat for the Panthers.

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  3. Almost Iowa says:

    The devil was displeases to discover a Minnesotan smiling as he basked in the warm glow of hell. So he turned the thermostat down to a soul-snapping – 140F. This caused the Minnesotan to leap about in joy, all the while yelling, “The Vikings Won The Superbowl”

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  4. Garfield Hug says:

    Hopefully NYC and I ain’t betting ha ha 😉

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