Being Enclosed In A Car for 3 Days With My Husband

Don’t worry.  We stop to eat and spend the nights in hotels.  We aren’t actually locked in a car for 3 days.


But whenever I tell friends that my husband and I have a vacation coming up and we are driving to Florida or Maine or wherever, I get “The Look.” Omg, they say, my husband and I would kill each other if we were stuck in the car for that long.

I think that’s when we are at our best.

Our marriage is like many others.  We love each other.  But annoy the shit out of each other at times.  It’s not our first marriage, so our expectations are very different than when we were young and embarking on an idyllic trip from the altar to the divorce court.  Now our expectations are that we don’t really have too many.

I guess our expectations are that we respect each other, try to be kind to each other, be good step-parents and be awesome grandparents. Christmas tree

Who cares about toilet seats being up or down.  Or who flosses while making icky noises. I made that one up. Thankfully, neither of us does that. The only real deal-breaker was the first Christmas tree.  I think of that as the BLINKING LIGHTS INCIDENT.  Blinking Christmas tree lights?  I don’t think so.  That “discussion” lasted an inordinately long time. I almost won.  We have no blinking lights on our tree.  Except, somehow, one strand in the middle always “accidentally” blinks and can’t be fixed without taking all the ornaments off. Annoying, but I’m sure it gives my husband a maniacal thrill each year.

And the funniest moment ever is one that still makes me laugh but he doesn’t remember at all.  We started dating in 1991.  SPOILER ALERT TO OUR CHILDREN: SHUT YOUR EYES AND SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.  The first time we spent the night together, we both walked to the same side of the bed.  And looked at each other.  “This is my side of the bed,” he said.  “No,” I responded, “I always sleep on this side.” I won that one, but it was a hilarious moment and an insight into compromising in a new relationship.

No longer is there an eager anticipation that he might call me.  He does occasionally, but it seems silly when we’re going to see each other in a few hours.  I love my job; he doesn’t love his.  So “how’s your day” is going to elicit more or less the same responses every time.

He doesn’t like talking about his, but I go on and on and on about my day and everything else that flits across my ADHD brain.  My husband is good at pretty much ignoring all of that and nodding occasionally which keeps me going.  We probably spend about an hour a day in the same room as each other, not counting sleeping hours. I sit on the bed and do schoolwork, blog, read or watch Netflix.  He sits on the couch and watches movies and spends hours writing in his office.

Which brings to mind what things has he won?  He’s a very subtle guy.  He would win without me knowing it.  Does ignoring me when I talk non-stop to him while he’s in another room count?  Probably.  And he has banned me from texting him in the house.

don't text me now

So why do we both think it’s awesome to travel together for 10 hours at a time for several days at a time without an escape plan?  Because we like each other.  A lot.  We have a car filled with discussing politics and news and reading and knitting and listening to books on CD’s and comfortable silences.  We have trips filled with stopping for gas and food and visiting natural wonders and historical sights.  And just being together.

That’s why I like to be enclosed in a car for three days with my husband.

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39 Responses to Being Enclosed In A Car for 3 Days With My Husband

  1. Ritu says:

    Have fun! I understand 😊😊😊

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  2. Jenny says:

    I had to laugh while reading about the stuff of marriage, of loving and annoying each other. I can identify with the car trip thing. Enjoy your journeys.

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  3. I love road trips as well with my husband. It never gets old…let the world go away, if only for a bit!

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  4. Bea dM says:

    You caught the quality of a not-the-first-time-around relationship beautifully- that is, when it involves people who learned from the previous ones! The part your children shouldn’t read is hilarious, and I imagine you enjoy your car trips together because you probably have a good dialogue going when sharing adventures 🙂

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  5. Hubby and I are in close proximity 24/7/365. Second marriage for both of us too, and here we are about to celebrate our silver anniversary. Our wedding night was a riot, bunk beds in an inside cabin on an overnight ferry to Holland. Our laughter (and banging of elbows etc) must have echoed all the way down to the car decks! As for which side of the bed, we just get in. At the moment, he has the galley side and I have the hull!

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  6. Sheila Moss says:

    Good story, enjoyed the read.

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  7. Paul says:

    I’ve only been on one road trip with 3 other friends before and it was the best time ever. I can totally see how 10 hours locked in a car could be enjoyable! Although when I first read the title I thought you two were somehow in one of those contests where the last person to exit the car would win it haha

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  8. Haha man. Once you guys been through that, there is nothing esle you can do

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  9. Cesar Lardies says:

    By far, the sweetest, most loving post I’ve read today. 🙂

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  10. Carrie Rubin says:

    The old adage of marrying your best friend is a good one, and your post is a great example of why. I enjoy my husband’s company very much too. But I also enjoy my alone time…

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  11. Barb, this is one of the finest endorsements for marriage I’ve ever heard—and for being trapped in a car with ones mate for 3 days. :O)

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  12. I think that is true testimony to how good your relationship is. Not many people could do that. I bet you have a lot things political to talk about.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Yup. And while Tim is a Republican and I’m a Democrat, we can have friendly debates because we aren’t actually that far apart. And we don’t like he who must not be named. But no matter what Tim says, I am not a communist. But I’m definitely left-wing. He is more moderate.

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  13. Ann Coleman says:

    It seems to me as if you have a very happy and healthy relationship! I agree that realistic expectations help a lot, and so does the ability to accept each other just as they are, warts and all! Great post!

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  14. George says:

    Road trips are the best and we’ve never found it to be stressful at all. But my biggest question is who got the side of the bed they wanted?😊

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  15. I love this sooo much!!!! 🙂

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