Two Roads Diverged And I Couldn’t Find Either of Them

To understand today’s post, it helps to read yesterday’s.  But it isn’t obligatory (phew!). Yesterday I wrote about things that annoy me beyond belief.  I listed four that came to mind immediately.  Today, a few people asked me what #5 was.  Hmmmm……

#5 is special, because it’s a double-whammy.  Are you ready, ladies and gentlemen?

#5 is ME.

I annoy the crap out of myself.bitmoji me



So, not only do I get mad at what happens, I get mad because it’s me doing it.  The main problem is I’m waaaaay ADHD.  So I misplace and forget almost everything.  The double-whammy is that I can’t find what I’m looking for and I’m mad at myself for not being able to find it. Please tell me that this happens to some of you.

Here’s an extreme example.  Last Monday I went to the girl’s bathroom at school to wash my hands before lunch.  I put my coffee and my iPhone on the shelf and washed my hands. I then walked out of the bathroom and to my office to have lunch.  About 30 minutes later I started asking everyone if they had seen my phone.  I knew it was right around me.  So I looked next to my computer, by my desk, in my classroom….bitmoji thinking

Then, the moment of horror.  I remembered putting it down in the bathroom.  I raced down the hall, and there on the metal shelf in the bathroom, was my coffee.  Just my coffee.  My iPhone wasn’t there.  MY IPHONE WASN’T THERE.

Someone had taken my iPhone.  Stolen.  As in it wasn’t turned into the office.  And whose fault was it?  Mine.  Of course, there as no sign on it that said “steal me.”  But leaving an iPhone in a school bathroom? Who does that? bitmoji horrified


#5 is me.

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39 Responses to Two Roads Diverged And I Couldn’t Find Either of Them

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I know the feeling. While I haven’t left my cell phone in the bathroom, I have left a purse slung over a chair in a restaurant. Twice. Luckily, in each case the waitress spotted it and tucked it behind the hostess’s station until I returned for it. The feeling of panic to not have one’s purse is huge.

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  2. Have I ever mentioned that I love these little pictures that accompany these posts? Very effective at conveying your feelings.

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  3. Oh no! I hope you get it back. I do that kind of thing all the time. Still, all I can think it i HOPE YOU GET IT BACK!

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  4. Almost Iowa says:

    I just blame the cat for my lost things.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      What a great idea! But I usually go to the kitchen to look at the mail and make coffee. Then I go back for the coffee and get the laundry. Then I have to focus on actually getting the coffee. Sounds like a 3 Stooges episode, but it is so frustrating. Imagine how frustrating it is for my husband lol.


  5. Ann Coleman says:

    I can relate to this! I lose things all the time, and spend way too much time looking for them. And it’s really hard not to get mad at myself for doing this, but sometimes that just makes it worse. The way I look at is: some people have good memories, some don’t. And there’s really not much we can do about it. Hang in there!

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  6. Paul says:

    Oh no! What! How dare that thief! Would it have been another teacher or was this a washroom that students also used? I would’ve come out of there yelling down hallways, Barb.

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  7. Elle Knowles says:

    Hope it turns up for you Barb. I’ve never lost mine. but it has been dropped in the toilet a few times! uggh! ~Elle

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  8. Val says:

    Oh gosh, that’s awful! Sympathies. But unfortunately these lapses of concentration and memory do happen…as I know only too well because in my mid-sixties they happen more than ever! Thankfully I’ve not yet lost anything of value… and hope I never do, but won’t be surprised if it’s on the cards…

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  9. Val says:

    By the way, one of your commenters is a spammer – I stupidly clicked on the associated link and the page that came up froze my tablet. ‘His’ name is berolahragageneral2. Best to send it to the spam filter (Akismet) then it’ll gradually learn not to let it through again.

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  10. Heeheee! I misplace things all the time. It happens to those without ADHD too. But maybe I am and just in denial! :p my husband gets all the credit finding all the stuff I misplaced. Bless him!
    With parking, taking pictures after you park would help immensely. Assuming you can find your phone after that. Lol.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Nope, phone is definitely gone. I turned the GPS off on my phone the previous day and forgot to turn it back on, so couldn’t use the “Find my Phone” app. All my fault which is so frustrating. Sometimes my husband can help, but he thinks in a different way, so he can’t look where it wouldn’t occur to him to look, if that makes sense.

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  11. Bea dM says:

    Yes oh yes. I left the gorgeous scarf my son had brought me from his Thailand travels on the hook in the ladies’ of a restaurant. I’m still mad at myself but I’ll strangle the woman should I ever come across her wearing it 😦 read my March 30 post? Anyway, no worries: couldn’t find my favourite pyjama top, I was wearing it under my sweatshirt…

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  12. The one thing that will induce me to a full blown meltdown is losing something. Because of this I’m rediculously anal about putting things exactly where they belong all the time.

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