The Shoe

The last week of school I was driving to work and my line of traffic had to stop for a school bus on the other side of the road.  I looked to my left and saw something in the road.  At first glance it looked like a dead animal.  So I looked closer.  Maybe a dead rabbit or woodchuck?  Then I really looked.  This is what I saw.


Ahhhhh……..a shoe.  With a broken heel.  Not a spiky heel, a flat heel.  Like the type on a man’s shoe.  Or on women’s “flats.”  The heel wasn’t completely severed, but broken as if trauma was inflicted upon it.

The bus was still loading students, so I started to think about that shoe.  How did it get there?  Did it drop off of a garbage truck?  Doubtful.  Did someone throw it out of a car window?  But the heel looked ripped or torn.  I’ve had heels of shoes break and they all broke in an identical way.  Flats start to wear at the side or at the heel of the heel, if you know what I mean.  High heels just break off.  But not break, bend and hang like that.

It looked sinister.

I imagined a car accident and the shoe was what was left behind.  But there was no broken glass or metal at the side of the road.  Then I thought of someone running down the road.  No one runs for exercise in that kind of shoe.  But running from danger? A definite possibility.

That shoe has a story and I wish it could tell it.

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18 Responses to The Shoe

  1. George says:

    I always wonder about a single lost shoe when I see one and try to imagine the story behind it…:)

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  2. Holy crap!!!!! You found my other shoe. Feel free to bring it to work on our first day back. As usual, excellent writing. I always enjoy your posts!!!!!

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  3. Most people wouldn’t even give it a 2nd look but you are right, Barb. Perhaps the shoe did have a story and it makes me wonder!

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  4. Paul says:

    I’ve always wondered this too! Maybe an angry ex threw it out their window?

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  5. Bea dM says:

    “It looked sinister” … is going to give me nightmares tonight 🙂


  6. Creepy. That is a good “hook”. for a horror story right there.


  7. Ann Coleman says:

    Why is it we see so many shoes on the road? And always just one. Sort of like the pair of socks that go into the dryer, and only one sock comes out. There are many mysteries to be solved in this world!

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