Billboards and Catholics

Did you know that no longer do people put billboards up with a bucket of glue, a brush and paper?  I kid you not. gluing a billboard

I don’t know when it became an automatic thing.  Techno-billboards.

At any rate,  almost every day I drive past a billboard in our town that “advertises” our local Roman Catholic church.  The billboard is lovely.  It shows the inside of the church with the light streaming in through the stained-glass windows, gives the name and address of the church and a message.  It states….

Catholics, Welcome Home

I’ve had mixed feelings about the Catholic Church for a long time.  I’ve written about it on this blog before.  But I have also realized that I do identify myself as a Catholic and religion and spirituality were a strong part of my upbringing and are part of what has made me, well, me.

So just about every day I see that billboard.  Just about every day.  Every day.  Just about every day.

Then it was gone.  Whaaaaaaat?  baby count dracula meMy billboard disappeared. Crazy.  I thought well, everyone went home but me.  No that’s silly.  A half mile down the road I had forgotten all about it.

Meanwhile, in another part of town…..Coming down from the library in our town towards our place is a gas station.  As I drove by it one day, I glanced up at the billboard by the gas station AND THE CHURCH’S BILLBOARD WAS THERE.

Wow.  The billboard moved.  Where the old one had been there was now a Honda advertisement.

Fast forward a few weeks and the ORIGINAL billboard was back in its CORRECT place. No more Honda advertisement.  This is when I realized that I had not seen a person, a pail, paper or a ladder.  Little miss I-know-everything-about-technology, welcome to 2016 and 21st century billboards.

So there it was, in its rightful place, where I, and others, could see it every day.

Catholics, Welcome Home

baby me

A not-so-metaphorical sign for me.  Guess what happened next?

St. Lawrence O'Toole billboard

I went home, thanks to a billboard.  I went home, feel very welcomed and my spirit is renewed.

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7 Responses to Billboards and Catholics

  1. garym6059 says:

    Don’t feel bad I came to this same phenomenon a few weeks ago, and I thought I was smarter than the average bear technology wise.

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I’m happy for you!!!

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    We have electronic monstrosities that change ads every few minutes. I call them visual pollution. Some states do not allow them. The “regular” kind seem to have some sort of plastic cover now instead of being paper. Obviously the billboard companies have a lot of political clout here. Sorry, I could never love a billboard regardless of how many churches are on it.

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