Surviving With LOST

A few years ago I had shoulder surgery.  Totally painful.  Complete with instructions like sleep upright for the first 30 days.  I was beside myself.  The pain medication worked the opposite on me (I barely slept) so the first week was particularly difficult.

Until my son came up from Manhattan to spend the weekend with me and introduced me to LOST.


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My son was a member of that large number of people, like 10-15 million US viewers each season, who were obsessed with LOST.  I may have been the only person in my country not to have seen even one episode.  Airing from 2004-2010,  LOST offered a combination of the supernatural, adventure/romance/betrayal and science fiction. Definitely a winning combination.

How was I left out of that loop?  That’s an easy one to answer.  I just couldn’t, in those days, nor in today’s culture of Netflix and Hulu, sit down and watch a weekly show on the nights it aired.

But my son had the entire series on DVD.

He watched the pilot episode with me and I was hooked.  It kept me away from my pain and thrust me into the characters’ pain, joy, love and fear.

Then I understood the obsession. Especially since obsession is my default mode.  And I understand why, when I would periodically call my friend, she would practically yell into the phone “LOST IS ON I CAN’T TALK.”

And what’s not to like about the series?  That’s why I’m watching it a second time on Netflix.

So on all of those nights when I couldn’t sleep, and during all of the days that I hurt, I plowed through the 6 years of the series.


I could forget all about the pain and get lost in LOST.

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28 Responses to Surviving With LOST

  1. I am still out of that loop. Never saw an episode! Guess I will need to hurt my shoulder….

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  2. Sue (Meacham) Greene says:

    I so miss that show!! I was one of the obsessed. I work in programming and systems. My daily job (since college) has been making logic out of business processes. For me this is like playing with puzzles all day long – love it. Lost on the other hand was mind bending! I would think I had a solution as to what was happening and the next episode would shatter all my theories. The show had everyone in the IT department hooked! Glad you enjoyed it. Too bad you needed surgery to discover it. I find binge watching so much more intense than getting a weekly dose of a
    show. No wonder it help with your pain management.

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  3. annieg421 says:

    Never watched it either. Maybe add it to my Netflix watch list for the future.

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  4. LOVE a good boxset. I think we talked about this before 😊we are currently watching The Sopranos for the first time. ..was travelling first time around and missed it. Ironically I was living in New Jersey for part of that time😁loving the show though . Your injury sounded rough going x

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  5. paintdigi says:

    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

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  6. Val says:

    I watched a couple of series then lost the thread… did it ever reach any actual conclusion or was it a sort of ‘left hanging’ ending?

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  7. Val says:

    Oh and sorry about your shoulder – did it recover fully?

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  8. Paul says:

    I saw the series finale. Had no idea what was going on. I also saw about 10 minutes of a random episode of the one of the season when there was a spaceship on the island, or something? I don’t know. Outside of the fact a plane crashed and they were stranded, nothing else interested me enough to watch it. And when I kept hearing that the storyline was confusing, that was the final nail for me.

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  9. Heheheh! I was completely lost watching lost and I gave up after a few episodes. I admire your resilience for plowing through the entire 6 years of Lost, Barb! 🙂

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  10. Jass Aujla says:

    You should watch “Revenge” next 🤓

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