If you want to have laser eye surgery for vision correction or to remove cataracts, the appointment should come with a warning label.  DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO!

I miss the good ‘ole days when I was naive and hadn’t watched that video.  I miss the good ‘ole days when I didn’t know what they were going to do to remove the cataracts with the scoopy-thing.

A 20-something relative of mine was going to have a type of laser surgery to correct his vision.  He made the eye doctor appointment, had some kind of testing, I assume, and then had to watch the video.  They make you sign a paper that you watched it.

He watched the video and promptly made the decision not to have the surgery.

I secretly think he will change his mind eventually.  

I’m having cataract surgery tomorrow on my left eye and next week on my right eye.   Plus I’m having lenses put in so my vision will be Superwoman X-Ray vision.

Lots of my friends have had it done and I know it’s super easy, fast recovery and awesome results.

Tonight, I’m just trying not to think about the video.


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27 Responses to DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Yes, the surgery is a bit creepy, but it’s worth it when you can see so much better and don’t go blind. They want to inform you so you can’t sue the surgeon and say you didn’t know. Complications are rare and your friends are right.

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  2. I hope it goes well!

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  3. Val says:

    Leave it long enough and you wouldn’t be able to see the video let alone watch it. Good luck with your surgery. Some time in the future (not needed yet) I’ll have to also have surgery for cataracts which are beginning to be more noticeable.


  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    Not so sure I’d want to watch the video either. Good luck with it all! I’m sure the result will be thoroughly worth it.

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  5. dawnkinster says:

    I would probably watch my feet while the video is playing. That’s what I do at scary movies. My 84 yr old aunt just had the procedure. She says it was easy. Still….

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      I was mesmerized by it. And wondering how teeny-tinesy that scoopy thing must be. I’m looking forward to the anesthesia that let’s you know what they’re doing but not care. If I have to be awake, I don’t want to care.


  6. It’s an important surgery for you. Just remember that, while your eyes will be open during the surgery, you won’t really be watching. I hope you have an easy recovery.

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  7. Prayers are with you, Barb. I had both eyes done a year ago. After about 40 drops in the eye, and an iv for twilight sedation they said “okay we’re going back now.” Then I was sitting in a lounge chair and someone said, “Do you want a coffee?” Don’t remember anything about the surgery. I (pun) however, can’t stand drops in they eyes, so if I were ever captured as a spy, no waterboarding necessary. Just one drop and I’ll tell them anything. Names. Dates. Locations. I had to eye drop meds into the eyes myself after the surgeries for a couple weeks, but got through it. Had to sleep with a plastic patch for a week so’s not to disturb each affected eye. Got a pirate nickname from my wife I can’t repeat here.Hope you have a great experience. Feel like we’ll all be reading about it soon.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Ha! I didn’t fall asleep at all. It wasn’t bad and I have the plastic patch on now. Man do those eye drops sting afterwards. Great story. You should write about it. Very funny.


  8. annieg421 says:

    Sometimes to much info is not good for us.
    I myself would be fascinated by it.
    Good luck my friend 😘

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  9. lorriedeck says:

    My husband had his done, one eye at age 40 the other eye at age 41. It was easy and went well and 16 years later, he has the same lenses in his eyes. You will be happy you did it. Don’t fret about the video. My husband said that having the procedure done was like when he was in elementary school watching slides. It went bright white when they took the lens out, like when the teacher took out a slide, and he saw clearly when the “slide” was put back in.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Well it was a little more than that. It took a little longer for the new lens to be placed properly. And 1,000 drops later (exagerrating) I’m home. Puffiness for a while I guess, and blurriness…Idk if that’s a word…. should be gone tomorrow. I’m wondering how long the plastic patch is on, but go back tomorrow. If there are typos here it’s because my vision is still whack. Easy surgery though. I look forward to no glasses! Other eye will be on Thursday and after that my vision should be much better. Thank you for comment! I’m thinking maybe your husband had cataracts removed without vision correction lenses? That was a big decision for me.

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  10. Ann Coleman says:

    I hate any and all medical procedures, but like everyone, I have to have them done now and then. So do what I do, and ignore as much as possible. So when they show you the video, simply focus on something a little bit to one side, don’t actually look at it at all, then just sign that little piece of paper and get the procedure done. (I had spider veins treated once and read a book through the entire procedure. The doctor asked me if I was okay….pretty sure no one read through it before…and I just told him “soldier on.”)

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  11. Paul says:

    How did everything go??


    • Barb Knowles says:

      The surgery was fine. Vision is returning, blurry but getting better. Should be good by tomorrow. Then I get to repeat the process next Thursday. Yay! she says sarcastically. Nothing is more important than vision, so I can handle this annoyance. Now my husband, on the other hand….ok, so I’m being a little needy, lol.

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