That Time I Was Left In The Grocery Store

When I was little, I’m guessing four-years-old, give or take, we were visiting my grandparents in Vermont.  Various family members were there, although I was too young to remember now exactly who was there.  We all met up at the grocery store in the village.  Everybody divided up into two groups, each group going on a different outing.  Each of my parents went with a different group.  And each assumed I was with the other one.

They forgot me.

Who does that?

Part of this adventure for me was being hungry, and seeing The.Best.Thing.Ever.  Jars of Bosco on the bottom of one of the shelves.


My “Bosco” incident was in the late 1950s, so I would have seen this commercial which I found on YouTube.  Crazy, right?

I sat down on the floor and opened a jar of Bosco.  I was scooping it out with my hands when I got caught.

First of all, how is it that I could open the jar when now it can take me hot water, a towel, all the strength I have and still have trouble opening jars?  Secondly, who ratted me out to the manager?

I clearly remember looking up and there was a man in grocery store garb, looming over me.

The rest is a mystery.  I don’t know how long I was there.  It seems like it was 7 hours, but that is my child’s brain speaking.  It may have been one hour.  At some point, I must have had to go to the bathroom and eat something other than Bosco.  But maybe not.

I knew my grandparents names, “Mamoo and Granddaddy,” but that wouldn’t have helped much in locating them.

Do you know the long wooden bench inside grocery stores (or used to be) that run across the front of the store?  Where they used to stack the various newspapers?  I was sitting there waiting, probably under strict orders from the manager, until my family reconvened and my parents realized that I hadn’t been with either of them.

I don’t think I was scared, but I was scared of everything back then, so maybe I was.  But I was 100% sure they were coming back for me.  It was like Home Alone, without the antics.

And I had Bosco.


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19 Responses to That Time I Was Left In The Grocery Store

  1. oilyfarmgirl says:

    The modern has no idea!

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  2. Paul says:

    Haha well if there’s one place that would be good to be left at, it’s the grocery store. How long before you got picked up? Why didn’t you just text them?

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Hmmm….let me remember. Oh that’s right, texting hadn’t been invented in 1958 lol. It seemed like I was there hours and hours and hours. I’m sure it was less than that. But it was long enough for them to have gone on their outing and then return. Probably 3 hours? And they had a huge argument about who should take the blame for leaving me. I was just worried I’d be in trouble for getting chocolate sauce all over myself.

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  3. lorriedeck says:

    Oh my. I bet once they realized it, they were frantic. If my parents had left me behind, I’d still razz my mom about it. Ha!

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      I think alcohol may have been involved. I’m sure they were, but they didn’t know I was missing until the first group returned and there I was. I know they had a big argument about it. As I said in a reply above, I was afraid I’d be in trouble for the chocolate syrup. 🙂

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  4. Sheila Moss says:

    I once lost my son. We were at an amusement park with other couples with children. Everyone got on a ride and when we looked around, it was everyone except my child. It seemed like a very long ride, but after it was over we found him at “Lost Children” eating an ice cream cone.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Scary. I lost my daughter at the beach once when I was changing the baby’s diaper and my ex was “watching” my oldest daughter (around 5) she floated a little to the left and came up on the beach. I turned around and said “Where’s Kelly?” And then total panic set in. But she had been taught to go to a lifeguard so she did. It was only a few minutes, but a very long few minutes. Thank goodness for happy endings!

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  5. Alison says:

    There used to be a song: “I love Bosco, Bosco is for me, mommy put it in my milk and tried to poison me. I fooled mommy, I put it in her tea, now there’s no more mommy to try to poison me!” I’m guessing my mom taught me that song when I was about 5. I never forgot it. So there you go, another childhood trauma involving Bosco. Funny post!

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  6. Everything is either on youtube or Facebook now. I’m convinced we’ll be seeing live footage of the Red Sea parting within the next few years (unless I’ve already missed it 😉 )

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  7. Ann Coleman says:

    That must have been scary for all of you! But I’m glad you found the Bosco to keep you occupied, at least for a little while. I remember that chocolate sauce, and I think there was even a teddy bear out at the time, as an advertisement, with the name “Bosco” across it’s chest. I didn’t have it, but I remember it clearly, so one of my friends must have. Plus, another friend named her beagle Bosco. Talk about the power of advertising!

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  8. Val Mills says:

    Oh dear, at least it all turned out well. I did manage to leave my dog behind, tied up outside a store. My son and I walked right past her eating newly purchased ice-creams. Fortunately it wasn’t too far to go back for her once we realised, but she missed out on eating the last taste of the icecream!

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