The DNA Results Are In….Surprise!

In December, I was so excited to find out what my AncestryDNA would be.  In my post Still Obsessed With DNA I said I would share my story and results.  My first look at my Wheel of Fortune showed that unlike my guess of 50% Ireland,  35% Great Britain, 14% Western Europe and 1% Surprise, my real results were very different.  Hellooooo what happened to Western Europe?

Instead, my composite is 70% Great Britain, 10% Ireland, 7% Scandinavia, 3% Eastern European, 3% Iberian Peninsula, 2% Asia, 1% Italy/Greece and trace amounts from Africa, and Northwest Russia.

Wow.  I guess I won’t make quite as big a deal about St. Patrick’s Day.  The AncestryDNA disclaimer is that there is a lot of overlap, the regions and percentages are all subject to debate, and history and conquests tell us a lot.  For example, the 7% Scandinavian DNA I have running around in my cells could be from Viking invasions in France and England. Since I’m currently watching “Vikings” on the History channel, that’s kind of cool.

I can trace my relatives on my mother’s side of the family back to England and Germany.  Germany is pretty much missing from my DNA so I guess I don’t take after that grandfather.  My English ancestors came here in the early 1600’s, quite literally on the ships that sailed right after the Mayflower.  They arrived in 1624.  How annoying is that??  My husband gets to lord it over me that he is a Mayflower descendant.  So there is lots of info about my early, immigrant relatives.  On my father’s side, both his mother and father were from Ireland and came here during the potato famine.

Conclusions?  It is really interesting.  But I want to know more.  Of course, I could have a lot of DNA from one specific grandparent down the line of a kazillion grandparents. What does your DNA show?  Or what do you think it shows?

Now I want to do the more specific read expensive tests, especially the one that shows Neanderthal DNA.  I realize we are breeding that out in each generation, but for some reason I’m really hoping I’m at least part Neanderthal.

My goal in life is to be part Neanderthal.

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49 Responses to The DNA Results Are In….Surprise!

  1. Ritu says:

    So cool! I’d want to know MORE too!

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  2. Almost Iowa says:

    My goal in life is to be part Neanderthal.

    I’ve been part Neanderthal for years. My goal is to complete the transition. 🙂

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  3. What about extraterrestrial? Don’t stop at neanderthal.

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  4. I got this for our daughter for Christmas. I’ve played up the Irish heritage thing her whole life. I hope I’m right or she’ll never let me live it down.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Ha! When my kids were little we did a HUGE thing for St. Patrick’s Day…..Irish themed presents, etc. Their grandfather on their father’s side was from Ireland, but both grandparents and great-grandparents on my father’s side are from Ireland, so their percentage should be better, lol. Because I’m obsessed (and have been working on our genealogy for a few years), I’ve just ordered the National Geographic test which is a little more expensive but more detailed. Plus includes my beloved Neanderthal. Europeans can have as much as 4% Neanderthal and that fascinates me. If I end up with non-Irish and no Neanderthal DNA it will be highly disappointing. Good luck with yours!

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  5. come back to the motherland and visit me!

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  6. How much more Neanderthal can you get than Viking? I just got up enough nerve and recently started watching the series. Seems like they lived like cave men with clothes on. Seriously, viewing these historical programs like “Vikings” and another recent one on the Roman Empire’s attempt to conquer barbarians, I am amazed that civilization has lasted this long.

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  7. Paul says:

    Sooo you’re not a neanderthal? I’m a bit disappointed. And don’t worry, there are people who are 0% Irish who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to the fullest.

    Do you follow this blog? It’s all about genealogy.

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  8. This is so amazing 🙂 I have two AncestryDNA kits sitting here for us to send in (procrastinating, per usual…). I’m a massive genealogy geek – excited for you have got your results! I’m motivated to send ours in this week, perhaps!

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  9. umashankar says:

    If you could excuse the effrontery, a lot depends on the eating patterns of Genghis Khan, of whom you appear to have a paltry 2% now! I’d rather be a buzzard in the sky…


  10. Bea dM says:

    How disturbing to have thought one thing, and find out another – after all, you’re talking about your basic… you! How reliable are these things?

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      They’re reliable to a degree. It’s not like taking a hair off of my hairbrush and matching it to my brothers hair. But it’s reliable enough that it immediately found one 1st cousin once removed, who I know well and a second cousin that I haven’t seen since we were little. But I know who he is. Another possible second cousin was found but in reality she is at least another generation removed. But our match was closer than that. You probably don’t want this whole explanation, but where the comparisons break down is in the percentages/ratios. I expected my Irish side to be much greater. But when you overlap my Irish/Great Britain areas, Scotland is the heaviest concentration. So Scots-Irish, I guess. Plus, we get different DNA from our relatives, so, for example, 2 of my kids look just like my side of the family. I would expect their DNA to more closely match mine, while my other daughter’s I would expect would match up better with my ex. So I may have a lot of DNA from one great-grandparent that was on the British side versus the Irish side. I’m sure you didn’t want this whole tale, lol. But you got me started.


  11. Ann Coleman says:

    That’s actually a rather worthy goal, I think! I’m not sure exactly when or how my ancestors showed up in the States, but I know I have relatives from Ireland, England, Wales and Germany. And I know that my family ended up specifically in St. Louis because my Great-grandfather was down on the docks of the Mississippi River, waiting for the boat to take him to New Orleans. He fell asleep and while he was sleeping, he was robbed. So he had to stay in St. Louis, and here we are today!

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  12. yara23s says:

    That is amazing! You actually got me all excited about my ancestry 😆 I just ordered my kit to see what my ancestry really is… I have to say I have absolutely no idea. I have never spoken to the ‘elders’ of the family to try and trace my lineage back… 🙃🙃


  13. mick25117 says:

    Imagine if you had DNA from nowhere else on Earth…

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  14. simonjkyte says:

    You should realise something. Just because it says say 10% scandinavian does not mean a recent ancestor was scandinavian. It doesn’t actually mean any ancestor was Scandinavian. It just means that a groups of SNPs share similar characteristics to people in Scandinavia who may well have come from somewhere else. That’s what so frustrating about it.

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