Jeans, Genes and DNA

Thought I’d share this older post of mine with you. More DNA hits came in for me today and it made me think of this post. I’m trying not to ask my just-found 4th cousins if…..well you have to read it.


I know that it is possible for earth-shattering, time-shifting, future-altering inventions and technology to become part of our DNA.  We can go way back to the importance of fire to understand this.

fire 2#tbtowaybackintheday

All you have to do is ask anyone who spends any time with a child.

Person 1:  “You can’t believe how great he is with his iPad! It’s in his genes.”

Person 2:  “Well my 2 year old daughter can do anything with my phone. It’s in her genes!”

baby-using-iphone  I know very little about genetics.  But I do know that we aren’t going to have another generation that no longer knows how to use smart technology.  It is now part of the DNA of this young generation.  For the same reason as fire is?  For survival?  I have no idea.

But what I do know, is that since the beginning of women wearing jeans, women…

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3 Responses to Jeans, Genes and DNA

  1. lorriedeck says:

    Haha! Men might be doing it these days. Have you seen some of the skinny jeans men wear now?

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