Music Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

Teacher:  What’s your favorite type of music?  Classical? 

Student:  I don’t have a favorite kind because music comes in all shapes and sizes.

My co-teacher and I looked at each other.  What wisdom.  And what a perfect description and a wonderful perspective of music.

Is that how you feel?  After mulling his statement for weeks, I realized that I associate certain genres of music with certain instrument or events.

We are a musical family.  My mother was especially gifted, although she had arthritis in her hands so I rarely heard her play our piano.  The annoying thing about her was that she had perfect pitch.  A perfect ear for music.  So when I was practicing in the living room, she would scream out “That’s supposed to be A FLAT not A.”  Sigh.  She was always right.

Making music with my brother.

My brother didn’t read music.  He could sit down at the piano or guitar and play what he heard.  He had a rock band and you’d never know he couldn’t read music. Another very talented musician in our family.

And then I came along with a strong love for music and a mediocre ability.  I can read and transpose almost anything (yay me!).  In my heyday,  I was an avid piano and guitar player.  I’m not being humble.  I loved playing both, hated practicing and was definitely better at guitar.  But Eric Clapton didn’t have to worry about any competition from me.

As many students do, I sang in our high school chorus.  Eventually our chorus director realized I was an abysmal alto, but a pretty good tenor.  So he moved me over so I was in the tenor section but next to the girls in the alto section.  My voice thanked him, my ego not so much.

My favorite instrument is the viola.  And that I was pretty good at.  But once the guitar came into my life I dropped the viola like a hot cake.  Guitars were cool.  Viola meant 365 days of practice if I was being a good girl.  Guitar was whenever.

For the piano, I enjoyed classical music, holiday music and “Top 40” hits.  Guitar was strictly folk and rock.  Viola was classical, mostly because I couldn’t figure out any other music.

Thanks to a recent Game of Thrones Music Concert, I am buying a viola and starting fresh.

Why?  Because music comes in all shapes and sizes.

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14 Responses to Music Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

  1. Except 20min edm stuff- those are just all the same 😉😜


  2. Paul says:

    Hot Cross Buns on the recorder was the most I could ever do.

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  3. George says:

    I love that students response. It seems you are quite the talented one in terms of musical instruments..:)

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  4. Wow. You have a well-rounded musical background as well. Very impressive.
    Hope you enjoy the Viola.

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    • Barb Knowles says:

      Yes, I was given a well rounded music education, but my abilities DO NOT equal the amount of time spent. I was very lucky to have parents who thought music education was so important and who could afford private lessons. I wish I had taken it a little more seriously and had taken advantage of those opportunities. I always admired the inherent talents of my mother and brother. I hope when I start the viola again I’m not TOO rusty. Thank you, Gabe. 😃

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  5. dawnkinster says:

    I started playing clarinet again several years ago after more than 20 years. My fingers remembered though they were out of shape aling with my lungs. I bet your hands will remember too. Have fun!

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  6. Ann Coleman says:

    That student nailed it! And you may not have the same talent as some of the other members of your family, the fact that you can play so many instruments says to me that you do have a good amount of musical ability. Besides, I think music is to be enjoyed, each in our own unique way. Have fun with the viola!

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  7. I think the student’s answer about music is right on. I listen to all sizes and shapes of music, enjoying each as joyfully as the other. But how I wish I had your musical talent (and all those in your family). To read and understand music is a gift. Enjoy it for me. 🙂

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