Taking a Trip Through Love Canal: The Residuum

While I’m still hoping that all of you check out my Discover Feature https://discover.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/barb-knowles-31-years-sober-and-counting/ , I had to share this incredible post currently featured on Discover. I remember the Love Canal catastrophe in the 70’s, but as most of us, I have been complacent about chemicals we use in our households. Which is the one area where I can immediately affect change. This is a spellbinding article and an important one.

Jack Caseros

About 2.5 years ago, I heard Lois Gibbs speak. Her story, as a resident affected by the environmental disaster at Love Canal, NY, served as a touchstone for the work I do IRL—as an environmental scientist, a large part of what I do is contaminant remediation. As I mark five years of doing my best to reduce contamination and the risks it poses, I see Love Canal rise in the news again.

People often hear “environmental scientist” and automatically translate this to “environmentalist” (I need a whole other post to explain what’s wrong with that misnomer). Moreover, people usually think my main focus is climate change. To the wary public, I am the guy who wants ‘everyone to live as if we were in the stone age’.

I have very little defense to that, besides sighing quietly to myself.

I am not of the inclination to hold…

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  1. These are scary times.

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