A Twist On My Car Adventures

This is a good news/bad news post.


Good News:  My car hasn’t been hit in at least two weeks.


grasshopper on windshield


Bad News:  Now it’s being eaten.


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The things that are important to me are family, friends, teaching, writing, languages and using my sense of humor to navigate this crazy world. Please join me on this blogging adventure...
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10 Responses to A Twist On My Car Adventures

  1. Paul says:

    Haha! If he invites any friends and they bring ketchup, then you’re in trouble. One grasshopper is manageable, for now.

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  2. Barb Knowles says:

    I was trying to come up with the grasshopper line from The Karate Kid but couldn’t remember it and was to lazy to look it up.

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    • Paul says:

      Was this comment for me?

      It’s okay, I wouldn’t have got the reference anyway lol

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      • Barb Knowles says:

        yes and especially for you because it’s from a movie my kids all watched so I’m sure you did too. The Karate Kid. I’m sure I’m right. But since you didn’t get the reference and I couldn’t quote the grasshopper line correctly, that has made this reply much, much longer than my post lol.

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  3. maybe you should spray the car with soap. Grasshoppers hate the taste of soap.

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  4. Ann Coleman says:

    You are so funny! Hopefully that little guy doesn’t have too big of an appetite.


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