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The List of My Favorite Book….the Sequel

I can’t help it.  Once again, I found myself talking to someone about a book and saying “Oh that’s my favorite book!” And, of course, it’s one of my favorite books.  In October, I posted My List of Favorite Book and realized … Continue reading

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My List Of Favorite Book

What’s your favorite book?  That’s not an uncommon question.  I never know how to respond. Yet if someone asks me “Do you like Game of Thrones?” I will answer “Oh it’s my favorite book!”  But it isn’t actually my favorite … Continue reading

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Saneteachers’ Weekly Genre Feature – Fantasy

My bias is definitely showing here, but fantasy is tied with almost every other genre for my favorite.  Okay, I like almost everything.  But with fantasy, action, adventure, phantasmagorical creatures, settings beyond our imagination make for a perfect reading experience. With … Continue reading

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Sage advice from a friend at work…

For purposes of anonymity, let’s call this friend Tom.  One day in teacher land, I was complaining about slogging my way through a book I didn’t like.  I was determined to get through it because I had started it.  As … Continue reading

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Books I hated reading

I’ve been thinking about books I was forced to read in school, or because friends recommended them.  I’m not about slamming authors.  Everyone has their own tastes and there is a niche for all types. But…… BOOKS I WISH I … Continue reading

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Quick blog idea thanks to a reader/reader

Grubbs n Critters read my last blog post and asked me to share on my blog site a couple of books that I like to read. So I’m going to try to do that as an aside, or a p.s., on … Continue reading

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