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That Moment When You Discover You’re Related To Cotton Mather

We all have skeletons in our closets (not counting those in the cemeteries…..sorry…..genealogy humor).  And we hope that when we research our ancestors, we are related to swashbucklers, Egyptian queens, famous inventors or the like. I’m a little bit of … Continue reading

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Still Obsessed With DNA

This Christmas, I gave an ancestryDNA kit to my son and bought one for myself, as well. Whenever I get time, I work on our genealogy.  And it is always full of surprises. One branch of my family that we … Continue reading

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The Gravestone Whisperer

Both my husband and I are working on our respective genealogies.  With a vengeance. He is a Son of the American Revolution and a Mayflower Descendant.  I’m a Daughter of the American Revolution wannabe (paperwork done just not submitted it … Continue reading

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Letting The Genealogy Out Of The Bottle

“Mamoo, you have the same eyes and lips as this lady.”  I responded to my grandson with “Wow.”  Mamoo is the affectionate Gaelic word for grandmother, much like abuelita is the affectionate term in Spanish.  I have always identified myself … Continue reading

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