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Does 21st Century Technology Encourage Illiteracy?

As you can see by the photo below, I’m a huge fan of technology.  As a high school teacher, I am required to use Remind, Google Apps for Education, Gmail and other email.  We are also required to have our … Continue reading

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The paradox of autocorrect. SO much easier when texting. SO much more annoying when texting. Enraging, enraging, enraging.  Easier, easier, easier. Funnier, funnier, funnier. What do you think? In which category/categories of autocorrect/predicted text reactions (hi to my European friends) … Continue reading

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That moment when you want to throw your computer out the window

Road rage? Fantasies of punching obnoxious store clerks in the face?  Wishing you had an old phone so you could slam the receiver down repeatedly? These PALE compared to the desire to throw my effin computer out the window. Even … Continue reading

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