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The World Is Divided Into Two

Sometimes, when I’m driving my husband crazy, I think the world is divided into two halves.  Those who have ADHD and those who live with those wild, crazy and fun-loving people who don’t.  You can tell which half I belong … Continue reading

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Two Roads Diverged And I Couldn’t Find Either of Them

To understand today’s post, it helps to read yesterday’s.  But it isn’t obligatory (phew!). Yesterday I wrote about things that annoy me beyond belief.  I listed four that came to mind immediately.  Today, a few people asked me what #5 was. … Continue reading

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Being Enclosed In A Car for 3 Days With My Husband

Don’t worry.  We stop to eat and spend the nights in hotels.  We aren’t actually locked in a car for 3 days. But whenever I tell friends that my husband and I have a vacation coming up and we are … Continue reading

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Bananas in book bags

Shout out to Blunderdad – a comment I made on his blog reminded me of the banana story which led to…… The First Day of School.   Middle School. Me:  Son, go get your book bag from the closet so I … Continue reading

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