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How Old Are You?

I would give credit where credit is due, if I knew who started this on social media. But I don’t know. It’s fun though. I am aspergum years old. I am had the measles and chickenpox but not mumps years old. I’m wore white … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Profile Pics?

Even on WordPress/Gravatar I worry about my profile pic.  I started out as a duck. That’s not exactly true.  I have always been a human.  But I started out with a profile pic of a duck, thinking that my blog … Continue reading

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Drivers Licenses and Fun House Mirrors

What do drivers licenses and fun house mirrors have in common?  Ummmm……..nothing. 1. You need to be a certain age to have a drivers license.   A one day old baby can look in a fun house mirror.  Although that’s … Continue reading

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Before my neck fell…..

There are powerful moments in our lives that provide a measurement.  A before and after.  A moment so fraught with emotion that we use it as a barometer to rate other moments, as well as a place in time by … Continue reading

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