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What Does “Plus-Sized” Really Mean?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, plus-size, or plus-sized, means extra large. But what does it really, really mean? What are the connotations? Plus-sized men can shop in a store for “Big and Tall” men.  That must be cool for a guy. … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you don’t know science words in Spanish…

I’m fluentish in Spanish.  And I like making up words in other languages. Actually, I like making up words in English, too.  As an example, I tell my students that I am not an abuelita, I’m an abueloca.  For non-fluentish … Continue reading

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Editing, how much do I love thee?…Let me count the ways…


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Jowls, books and blogging…..

Following up on my I-can’t-believe-that-my-neck-has-fallen post, another horror thing happened.  I have never, nor do I ever plan to, have face lifts, plastic surgery or anything like that.  One, I’m on a blood thinner, so only a moron would get … Continue reading

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Too. Tired. To. Blog……the sequel

😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 zzzzzzzzzzz

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I have to take a day off from work to read all the blog posts that I follow and enjoy.  Excuse to boss?  I just feel bloggy today and my fever is at a pitch of 500 words or less.

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I’ve been nominated for The Daydreamer Award. Who’d a thunk it.

So a big thanks to my fellow blogger on Single Family Asylum for nominating me, but especially for READING my blog. Now according to the rules, I must nominate other blogs that I like and address the challenge I received … Continue reading

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The paradox of autocorrect. SO much easier when texting. SO much more annoying when texting. Enraging, enraging, enraging.  Easier, easier, easier. Funnier, funnier, funnier. What do you think? In which category/categories of autocorrect/predicted text reactions (hi to my European friends) … Continue reading

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