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Unoccupied Car Accidents….For Real

I have been involved in four accidents that I can think of off the top of my head that have one thing in common.  No one was in the car at the time. The first one was a doozy.  In … Continue reading

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The Day I Hit The Same Deer Twice

Oscar Wilde said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  However, I think Chris McGeown may not agree, so check out his most recent post where he mentions his car accident involving a moose.  When I read that post, I remembered … Continue reading

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Beware Of The Active Driveway

What’s up with this driveway?  Obviously, a lot.  Can you tell how it slammed itself up and cracked the No Parking sign?  That’s crazy, right?  Like who would park there after seeing what happened to the sign.  Actually, if you … Continue reading

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Two Roads Converge

These things are guaranteed to annoy the s&%# out of me.  Like irrational rage level of annoyed. People at work who don’t identify themselves by name: me:  Hey this is Barb Knowles, is so-and-so there? other person:  No, can I … Continue reading

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