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*sigh* I Tried

It happened again.  It was important that I give it another go, just in case last year’s results were an anomaly. But, alas, the Girl Scout Cookie Diet failed once again.     At least I tried.  

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Who Needs Badges When You Have A Beanie?

Scouting was a tradition in our family.  My brothers were Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  I was a Brownie Scout and Girl Scout.  My daughters were Daisy Scouts and Brownie Scouts. Which was surprising since I hated it. A dream … Continue reading

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The Girl Scout Cookie Diet

FYI…….it didn’t work.

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The Girl Scout Cookie Diet….it works!!

For real!  I couldn’t believe it.  But going on a Girl Scout Cookie Diet really works. And buying the boxes of cookies at the current price (in New York) of $4 a box, definitely is cheaper than other diet fads. … Continue reading

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Thigh Food

I wouldn’t say that I’ve traveled extensively in the world, but I’ve been to a bunch of different places in Europe and the Caribbean.  And I’m willing to try different foods and will eat almost anything (but if it’s an … Continue reading

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