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Drive Slow?

  This sign drives me crazy. As soon as I see DRIVE SLOW, I wonder do they want me to drive slowly?  Or does the condo complex want me to drive like a moron? We know what they mean, but … Continue reading

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Give It To Myself aka Frankenhand

I HATE it when someone uses pronouns incorrectly.  My pet peeve pronoun is the reflexive pronoun.  Myself, yourself, themselves, etc.  Professional people screw this up all the time.  “Please give it to myself.” NOOOOOOoooooo. You are using “myself” as an … Continue reading

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List Of Things I Can’t Let Go Of

English teachers and grammar nerd friends……this will contradict the title of this post, and #1 below, but FYI I do realize that it should read “Things of which I can’t let go.”  But that doesn’t flow well in a title. … Continue reading

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“The Mutiny or Editing Sucks” rated AHS

Ok, I’ll say it.  Editing SUCKS.  I hate everything about it. Since this post is rated AHS, After High School, I don’t have to worry about my high school English students reading this.  And throwing it back in my face. … Continue reading

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Remembering Why I Love Teaching, Or Do I?

This is a good day to reflect on why I love to teach.  Especially because the last couple of weeks have sucked.  Let me rephrase that…..my lessons haven’t worked.  At all.  So back to the drawing board. For all of … Continue reading

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Cellphones and white rice

A few years ago my son dropped his cellphone in the thank-God-it-was-clean toilet. He rushed out and asked me for a bowl of uncooked white rice. I thought he had gone insane. I just blinked at him. He said something … Continue reading

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