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A Nostalgic Mess

The credit for this post goes to Ann Coleman at muddlingthroughmymiddleage.com.  I’m not exactly stealing the idea, but as soon as I read Ann’s post about Moving On, it struck such a chord with me that I knew I had to tell … Continue reading

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In Honor Of My Grandfather

This is in honor of my grandfather and all who have died in service to our country.  This Memorial Day I would like to share my original post that was published in 2015 and was featured on Freshly Pressed.   … Continue reading

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That Moment When You Discover You’re Related To Cotton Mather

We all have skeletons in our closets (not counting those in the cemeteries…..sorry…..genealogy humor).  And we hope that when we research our ancestors, we are related to swashbucklers, Egyptian queens, famous inventors or the like. I’m a little bit of … Continue reading

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The DNA Results Are In….Surprise!

In December, I was so excited to find out what my AncestryDNA would be.  In my post Still Obsessed With DNA I said I would share my story and results.  My first look at my Wheel of Fortune showed that unlike … Continue reading

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Still Obsessed With DNA

This Christmas, I gave an ancestryDNA kit to my son and bought one for myself, as well. Whenever I get time, I work on our genealogy.  And it is always full of surprises. One branch of my family that we … Continue reading

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Reblog: No Country for Exceptional Women — Writing From My 14th Country

It’s unusual for me to reblog a post.  But this post from Bea dM at Writing From My 14th Country is so exceptional, that I had to share it with my readers.   Artemisia Gentileschi was considered one of her … Continue reading

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A Non-Morbid Cemetery Tour

The research into our family’s genealogy has taken me on a ride with surprising twists and turns.  Part of the process is finding places and dates where ancestors were born and died. Which led me to graves and gravestones. Find … Continue reading

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The Stream in the Cellar

Realtor:  Have you ever had a problem with water in your basement? Me:  Well, there’s a stream in the cellar. The realtor was not amused.  Especially when he found out that it was true. Our house was built in 1850. … Continue reading

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Letting The Genealogy Out Of The Bottle

“Mamoo, you have the same eyes and lips as this lady.”  I responded to my grandson with “Wow.”  Mamoo is the affectionate Gaelic word for grandmother, much like abuelita is the affectionate term in Spanish.  I have always identified myself … Continue reading

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What Would My Father Think?

 In 1941 my father, Harry Canavan Harvey, graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.  The world was so different than it is now.  Of course, family lore is never truly accurate, but to give an example, as … Continue reading

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