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Where Do Dreams Go?

‘And for that matter, where do nightmares go? © 2016 Barbara H. Knowles Bear with me, because I know there is nothing more boring than listening to people talk about their dreams.  Unless they tell you that they dreamt that … Continue reading

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Thoughts that go bump in the night.

Last night I woke up with a start, worrying about my grandson.  Worrying if my alarm would go off in time, if he would get to camp on time.  Worrying about whether or not he would have a better day … Continue reading

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IRS Phobia or Dear God it’s Almost April 15th

Since Christmas, I’ve been worried about our taxes.  Like Worried with a capital W.  Like night terrors scared.  Which is ridiculously crazy because our taxes are always right.  We have an accountant.  My husband obsessively saves receipts.  He keeps a … Continue reading

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