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The Moment of Truth

DRUM ROLL PLEASE Here are the answers that you have all been waiting for……how well have you guessed my truths and my lies?!  Here is a hint.   ZERO people got them all right!  And that includes 2 of my … Continue reading

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Because I’m wicked cool…

I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award!  woohoo!!  I’m thinking that it’s because I’m wicked cool.  So let’s find out.  First of all, an absolutely, positively wicked cool blogger nominated me.  Thank you, Annie Emmy Evans. Having you … Continue reading

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I’ve been nominated for The Daydreamer Award. Who’d a thunk it.

So a big thanks to my fellow blogger on Single Family Asylum for nominating me, but especially for READING my blog. Now according to the rules, I must nominate other blogs that I like and address the challenge I received … Continue reading

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