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Where Is My “Like” Button?

“Like” buttons are used so flippantly.  Do you really think a blog is funny?  Click “like”.  The writer will be ecstatic.  Do you really think the Facebook eCard joke was humorous? Click “like”. You’ll send the message that you appreciate … Continue reading

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Old Wives’ Tales

My definition of old wives’ tales used to be ideas or superstitions that made no sense but that my mother believed in fervently.  And I better follow them or else. This helped form my image of my mother and it … Continue reading

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LEGO 101

I started writing “LEGOS 101” but that sounded like a country, so LEGO 101 it is. Do you know how much money I’ve spent on LEGOS?  Let me give you a teensy hint.  I’m a LEGO VIP and they recognize … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you don’t know science words in Spanish…

I’m fluentish in Spanish.  And I like making up words in other languages. Actually, I like making up words in English, too.  As an example, I tell my students that I am not an abuelita, I’m an abueloca.  For non-fluentish … Continue reading

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Bananas in book bags

Shout out to Blunderdad – a comment I made on his blog reminded me of the banana story which led to…… The First Day of School.   Middle School. Me:  Son, go get your book bag from the closet so I … Continue reading

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The secret world of childhood….

One would think that after having been a child myself, raising three children, being a teacher for a kazillion years, being with my grandchildren frequently, the secret world of childhood would not be such a mystery. The total delight we … Continue reading

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From sterilizing to licking off the subway floor

My favorite blogger, next to me of course, is Blunderdad (singlefamilyasylum).  Who, by the way, better give me major props for promoting him here.  Anywho, I read a recent post from him about parenting his kids….well you should read if for … Continue reading

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What’s it say when Poison Control recognizes your voice?

When my middle daughter was 3, she went through a phase of ingesting anything that had a slight resemblance to food.  She wouldn’t eat leaves or anything like that, but here’s an example: Once upon a time, I left my … Continue reading

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Or you’ll have to sleep in the garage…..

For real my ex-husband threatened my then 4 year old daughter with that punishment.  We all know that kids can drive us to distraction and occasionally we have an interaction where the child says “So, I don’t care” for each … Continue reading

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The naggiest ever

My grandson told me the other day that I could win “the world record for the number of nags in one day.” Luckily for me, he was laughing when he said it. I burst out laughing myself. But it got … Continue reading

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