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What if we had APPR in our personal lives?

The other day I wondered what it would be like if our personal lives were judged using APPR. I realize that this sounds like a ring of Dante’s Inferno, but think about it for a minute. 1. Fun day out … Continue reading

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Yes or No?

I had, and still have, absolutely no problem saying no to my children. ¬†None whatsoever. But there are variations, as we all know. 1. Not now. 2. Maybe later. 3. We’ll see (a personal favorite) 4. Maybe someday (and, no … Continue reading

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Because I Said So

Ok, ok….I admit it. My default answer is the #1 old standby, “Because I said so.” Why, you ask? Because I said so. If that isn’t enough to make me rethink a lesson, just listen to this. For native Spanish-speakers … Continue reading

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Alli Chishi Mashikuna

Once upon a time there was a high school ESL teacher who couldn’t understand why so many of her students from Ecuador had such a hard time in their native speaker Spanish classes. Native Spanish speakers take Living Environment and … Continue reading

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American Football, the Common Core and the Canadians.

Why do we call our football “football” when we hardly ever use our feet? I’ve never understood that. It should be called throwball, runball, touchdownball or something like that. So when a student asks me why we call American Football … Continue reading

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