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And Then…..This Happened

“I’m so happy that something else happened to my car while I wasn’t in it” said no person ever. If you have been following my accidents-that-happen-when-I’m-not-the-car saga, I think the count was three in a month, and then one 30 … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Saved Me

One of the hardest things I’ve done as a mother is to drop my son off at college his freshmen year.  I was so proud of him.  And he was only going to be a 3+ hour drive away. I … Continue reading

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Being Enclosed In A Car for 3 Days With My Husband

Don’t worry.  We stop to eat and spend the nights in hotels.  We aren’t actually locked in a car for 3 days. But whenever I tell friends that my husband and I have a vacation coming up and we are … Continue reading

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Yes, United States peeps, Canada really is a different country….just ask Sprint

At the risk of sounding like I can’t come up with a blog post idea of my own, this will give a shout out, again, to Paul at The Captains Speech for reminding me how mad I am at Canada.  Kidding! … Continue reading

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Who do you know who actually likes their job?

Who do you know who actually likes their job?  I mean, someone who on most days is happy to be going to work.  Who doesn’t leave home in the morning with dread in their heart.  ME.  I’m that person.  Of … Continue reading

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Miniature golf and ensuing horrors

Miniature Golf + Long Beach Island + Chevy Lumina + Temper Tantrum = ER Yup, yup, yup it happened. It wasn’t pretty. And it wasn’t funny. At the time. But now, of course, it’s hysterically funny and is one of … Continue reading

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