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I’m living my life in a fog filled with despair. Tears running down my face eyes blurry tissues at my side. Pollen

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Top 10 Reasons People Like Top 10 Lists

Easy to read Easy to comment upon Easy to skip the uninteresting topics Easy to scan without being caught Easy to agree with Easy to disagree with Easy to enrage Easy to engage East to disengage Easy to rhyme  write … Continue reading

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WOW !!!!!!

I was so happy that in January that I was asked to be interviewed for Discover.   And ecstatic when it was published on March 16, 2017. Then, scrolling through Instagram today, I see this….  O.M.G. After I screamed and … Continue reading

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This Is A Real Question

How do fellow writers out there have time to work on writing a book or getting it ready for publishing, keeping the blog that they love up-to-date, working and doing all other life things? I’m at the AAAUUUGGGHHH stage.  Too … Continue reading

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Drive Slow?

  This sign drives me crazy. As soon as I see DRIVE SLOW, I wonder do they want me to drive slowly?  Or does the condo complex want me to drive like a moron? We know what they mean, but … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Saved Me

One of the hardest things I’ve done as a mother is to drop my son off at college his freshmen year.  I was so proud of him.  And he was only going to be a 3+ hour drive away. I … Continue reading

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As I was in pre-op at our local hospital being prepped for cataract surgery, the nurse asked me “Do you have anything that comes out of your mouth?”  To which I immediately responded “Words.” I felt clever when she told … Continue reading

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I’m Being Annoying

I know, I know….I’m being annoying.  WordPress sent me a better link to drag you all, I mean to encourage you, to read my interview on Discover.  Not only to check out my story and links, but I have links … Continue reading

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Here Are Your Own Posts Part 2

Wow!  Two days worth of great reading from you guys!  This is been a wonderful experience for me.  I’ve especially enjoyed the variety of topics from serious to humorous, daily thoughts to memoirs and different poetry styles. Here are a … Continue reading

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Here Are Your Own Posts!

We are surrounded by some wonderful writers here at WordPress.  Reading each post below was like opening a gift. The purpose is to share posts of yours that you really liked but perhaps didn’t get the number of views or … Continue reading

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